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  ENGLISH       |      ESPAÑOL Are you ever a tourist in your own city? We are so accustomed to taking the same routes every day, but what if we decide to go left instead of right? We will find ourselves in a brand new place that was hidden by routine. The holiday season is here and I want to break away from tradition. Maybe I'll visit a park or watch the ocean waves during Christmas Eve. It almost sounds like a dream but if it's possible then why not do it? Listening to:   "Stay With Me" -  Miki Matsubara Working on:  Art Currently Watching:  Go Go Squid! Favorite memory of the week:  Picking up my mom from the airport. What are you looking forward to in 2O21? Adri Robles 罗安翠 CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE BLOG!❤ ¿Alguna vez has sido turista en tu propia ciudad? Estamos tan acostumbrados a tomar las mismas rutas todos los días, ¿y si decidimos ir a la izquierda en lugar de a la derecha? Nos encontraremos en un lugar com

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